Charles Elachi
Director, JPL
Marvin Simon
Tsun-Yee Yan
Mani Srivastava
John Heidemann
Victor O. K. Li
Univ. of Hong Kong

2002 IEEE CAS Workshop Papers

2002 IEEE CAS Workshop Program (pdf)

Plenary Session 1: Low Power Design

Invited Talk – PASA: A Software Architecture for Building Power Aware Embedded Systems

Cristiano Pereira, Rajesh Gupta – University of California, Irvine
Mani Srivastava - University of California, Los Angel

Invited Talk – The Hardware and the Network: Total-System Strategies for Power Aware Wireless Microsensors

Rex Min, Manish Bhardwaj, Nathan Ickes, Alice Wang, Anantha Chandrakasan – MIT

Invited Talk – Advanced Power Sources for Low Power Wireless Devices and Sensors  
Subbarao Surampudi – Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Low-power Implementation of an OFDM based Channel Receiver  in Real-time using a Low-end Media Processor
Pieter Op de Beeck, C. Ghez, E. Brockmeyer, M. Miranda, F. Catthoor, G. Deconinck – IMEC, Belgium

An Integrated, Low Power, Ultra-Wideband Transceiver Architecture for Low-Rate, Indoor Wireless Systems
Ian D O'Donnell, Mike S.W. Chen, Stanley B.T. Wang, Robert W. Broderesen – University of California, Berkeley

Plenary Session 2: Routing

Invited Talk – Power-aware On-demand Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Massoud Pedram – University of Southern California

Invited Talk – AODV: Present and Future
Charles E. Perkins – Nokia

Cross-layer Routing and Multiple-Access Protocol for Power-Controlled Wireless Access Nets
Izhak Rubin, Arash Behzad – UCLA

Scaleable Self-Assembly for Ad Hoc Wireless Sensor Networks
Katayoun Sohrabi, William Merrill, Jeremy Elson, Lewis Girod, Fredric Newberg, and William Kaiser – Sensoria Corp.

On the Capacity of Mobile Ad hoc Networks with Delay Constraints
Cristina Comaniciu, H. Vincent Poor – Princeton University

Poster Session 1

Probabilistic Analysis of a Simple Power-Efficient MAC Scheme for Ad Hoc Wireless Networks
Martin Haenggi – University of Notre Dame

An Energy Efficient MAC Protocol for HANETs
Vishal Ailawadhi, Gregory Pottie – UCLA

A 250 MHz CMOS Bandpass Delta-Sigma Modulator using Continuous-time Resonator Structure
Yunfeng Liang, Lian Yong – National University of Singapore

Cost Metrics for Decision Problems in Wireless Ad Hoc Networking
Michael Angermann, Jens Kammann – German Aerospace Center

ANA: Ad-hoc Nerve Addressing

Ignacio Solis, Katia Obraczka - University of California, Santa Cruz

A Wireless Time-Synchronized COTS Sensor Platform Part I: System Architecture
Jeremy Elson, Lewis Girod, Deborah Estrin – UCLA

Plenary Session 3: Sensor Networks

Invited Talk – Location-centric Approach for Collaborative Target Detection, Classification, and Tracking
Parmeswaran Ramanathan – University of Wisconsin, Madison

Invited Talk – Collaborative Sensing and In-Network Processing of Sensor Network Data
Jim Reich – PARC

Autonomous Position Location in Distributed, Embedded, Wireless Systems
William M Merrill, Lewis Girod, Jeremy Elson, Kathy Sohrabi, Fredric Newberg, William Kaiser – Sensoria Corp.

Network-Aware Lossless Source Coding of Spatio-Temporally Correlated Sensor Data
Paul G Flikkema, Brent West, Bill Ruggeri – Northern Arizona University

A Wireless Time-Synchronized COTS Sensor Platform: Applications to Beamforming
H. Wang, L. Yip, D. Maniezzo, J.C. Chen, R.E. Hudson, J. Elson, K. Yao – UCLA

Plenary Session 4: Applications

Invited Talk – Ultra-wideband Technology Enabling Low-Power, High-Rate Connectivity
Jeffrey R. Foerster – Intel Research and Development

Invited Talk – Adding Actuation to Sensor Networks
Gaurav Sukhatme – University of Southern California

Invited Talk – New Opportunities for Wireless Technologies in Ubiquitous Computing
John J. Barton – HP Labs

A Low Power Security Architecture for Mobile Commerce
Peter Langendoerfer, Zoya Dyka, Oliver Maye, Rolf Kraemer – IHP, Germany

Poster Session 2

The Energy Cost of Secrets in Ad-hoc Networks
Alireza Hodjat, Ingrid Verbauwhede – UCLA

A Topology Discovery Algorithm for Sensor Networks with Applications to Network Management
Budhaditya Deb, Sudeept Bhatangar, Badri Nath – Rutgers University

A Mobility-Aware Adaptive Power Control Algorithm for Wireless LANs
Anmol Sheth, Richard Han – University of Colorado, Boulder

The Minimum Power Broadcast problem in Wireless Networks: An Ant Colony System Approach
Arindam K Das, Robert J. Marks II, Mohamed El-Sharkawi – University of Washington
Payman Arabshahi, Andrew Gray - JPL

Error-Tolerant Multi-modal Sensor Fusion
Sasha Slijepcevic, Miodrag Potkonjak - UCLA
Farinaz Koushanfar, Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli – UC-Berkeley

Power Minimization by Separation of Control and Data Radios
Jessica Feng, Miodrag Potkonjak – UCLA