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New Directions in Photonics Techniques for Communications and Radar

Presented by:
Lute Maleki, Senior Research Scientist and Supervisor, Quantum Sciences and Technology Group (335)


Photonics have long held the promise of significantly improving the performance of communications and radar systems. This is particularly true for space applications where power, mass, and size are at a premium, and where photonics could make a significant difference. Up until recent times, the promise of photonics has been slow to be realized because optical components have not been able to effectively compete with their electronic counterparts in performance or cost. Recent advances in optics and photonics have significantly changed the picture. In particular, technologies based on the use of whispering gallery mode (WGM) microresonators developed at JPL bring the realization of powerful, new capabilities for communications and radar within reach. In this talk, I will start with an introduction of the role of photonics in high-performance systems, followed by a discussion of optical WGM microresonators at JPL. This will be followed by an introduction of new architectures based on optics and photonics that can significantly benefit space applications.

The Speaker

Dr. Lute Maleki is a JPL Senior Research Scientist and the supervisor of the Quantum Sciences and Technology Group at JPL. He has a Ph.D. in experimental atomic physics, and his research interests include atomic clocks, quantum electronics, quantum optics, and photonics.

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