JPL DESCANSO - Deep Space Communications and Navigation Center of Excellence

Growing Reimbursables: Opportunities in the four National Space Sectors

Presented by:
Robert Cox, Assistant Director
National Space Technology Applications Office (800)


As space activities in the four national space sectors (civil, commercial, military and intelligence) expand, JPL is positioning itself to make its strengths and core competencies available to many users. How will we organize to respond to these new opportunities? What are the specific technology areas of interest? Will there be flight demos? What are the hot issues in the various sectors? The EC recently approved this overall approach and organization. This seminar will be the first public exposure.

The Speaker

Presenting the seminar will be Robert Cox, Assistant Director for the newly created National Space Technology Applications Office at JPL. Bob has 30 years experience in the national security, civil and commercial space worlds with a broad background in technology development and analysis, program management, planning, operations, systems engineering and space policy.

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