JPL DESCANSO - Deep Space Communications and Navigation Center of Excellence

The DSN Array Development Program

Presented by:
Sander Weinreb
Principal Scientist, Sections 386 and 333
Jet Propulsion Laboratory


JPL is presently planning breadboard (3 x 6m), prototype (100 x 12m), and operational (3600 x 12m) microwave antenna arrays to provide of the order of 100 times increase in the DSN data rate to distant spacecraft. The rationale and outline of these plans will be presented and the following topics will be discussed: 1) brief progress reports on other arrays (ATA, ALMA, and SKA) now in construction or development, 2) technology approaches for antennas, feeds,low noise receivers, connectivity, and signal processing, and 3) plans for student involvement and collaboration with the Caltech campus.

The Speaker

Sander Weinreb is presently a Principal Scientist at JPL with joint position is Sections 386 and 333. and is also a Faculty Associate in the Electrical Engineering Department at Caltech. His main present area of research is the development of microwave arrays for space communications and radio astronomy. Prior to joining JPL in 1999, he held key positions at U. Massachusetts, Martin Marietta Laboratories, and National Radio Astronomy Observatory where he led the design of the Very Large Array electronics system. Dr. Weinreb received the B.S.E.E. and Ph.D. degrees from M.I.T. and is the author of over 130 publications in the areas of digital correlation techniques, radio astronomy observations, array receivers, and low-noise amplifiers. He has served on many national and international advisory committees, is presently a member of the NRAO Visiting Committee and the Square Km Array Steering Committee.

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