JPL DESCANSO - Deep Space Communications and Navigation Center of Excellence

Optical Communication-Based Sensor Webs for In-Situ Science Applications

Presented by:
Dr. Polly Estabrook
Communications Systems and Research Section (331)


The talk will begin with a brief discussion of the use of sensor webs to in-situ science applications. A description of the "smart dust" technology being developed at UC Berkeley will follow, specifically the application of Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) technology to sensor element development, Modulated Corner Cube Reflectors, and their properties will be discussed. The goals of our work will be described as well as our progress. Finally, our future work in this area will be described.

The Speaker

Dr. Polly Estabrook has been at JPL since 1988 after receiving her Ph.D. from Stanford University. She is the group supervisor of the Advanced Communications Systems Concepts Group in Section 331. Dr. Estabrook has led the In-Situ Communications and Navigation Work Area in TMOD Technology for the past 3 years. Recently, Polly won an Advanced Cross Enterprise Technology Development award for the development of Free-Space Optical Communication-based Sensor Webs for In-Situ Science Applications.