JPL DESCANSO - Deep Space Communications and Navigation Center of Excellence

DESCANSO Performance Metrics
Deep Space Communications
Profile of Deep Space Communications Capability - Figure | Notes

Deep Space Tracking/Navigation
DSN Navigation System Accuracy - Figure | Notes

Global Positioning System (GPS)
GPS Satellite Orbit Improvement Over Time - Figure | Notes
GPS Data Volume Versus Time - Figure | Notes
GPS Measurements of Global Tectonic Plate Horizontal Motions - Figure | Notes
GPS Measurements of Surface Velocity Field in Southern California - Figure | Notes

Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)
SAR Instrument Technology - Figure | Notes
JPL Airborne Interferometry - Figure | Notes
JPL Spaceborne SAR - Figure | Notes
Scatterometer Metrics Versus Time - Figure | Notes

Frequency Standard and Atomic Clocks
Linear Ion Trap Standard (LITS) - Figure | Notes
Roadmap Of the Ground Based Atomic Clocks - Figure | Notes