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Deep Space Communications and Navigation Series
Joseph H. Yuen, Editor-in-Chief

Volume 8
Spaceborne Antennas for Planetary Exploration
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     - William A. Imbriale, Editor (About the Editor)

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Foreword xiii
Preface xv
Acknowledgments xvii
Contributors xix
Chapter 1: Introduction - William A. Imbriale, John Huang, and Mark S. Gatti 1
Chapter 2: The Early Years - William A. Imbriale 93
Chapter 3: The Planetary Flybys - William A. Imbriale 123
Chapter 4: The Mars Missions - Joseph Vacchione 157
Chapter 5: The Orbiters - William A. Imbriale, Mark S. Gatti, and Roberto Mizzoni 213
Chapter 6: Spaceborne SAR Antennas for Earth Science - Yunjin Kim and Rolando L. Jordan 305
Chapter 7: Instrument Packages - Richard E. Cofield, William A. Imbriale, and Richard E. Hodges 341
Chapter 8: Mechanical Development of Antenna Systems - Gregory L. Davis and Rebekah L. Tanimoto 425
Chapter 9: Miscellaneous Other Antennas - William A. Imbriale and Daniel J. Hoppe 455
Chapter 10: Spacecraft Antenna Research and Development Activities Aimed at Future Missions - John Huang 485
Acronyms and Abbreviations 537