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Deep Space Communications and Navigation Series
Joseph H. Yuen, Editor-in-Chief

Volume 10
Low-Noise Systems in the Deep Space Network
     - Macgregor S. Reid, Editor (About the Editor)

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Foreword xi
Preface xiii
Acknowledgments xvii
Contributors xix
Chapter 1: Introduction and Overview - Macgregor S. Reid 1
Chapter 2: System Noise Concepts with DSN Applications - Charles T. Stelzried, Arthur J. Freiley, and Macgregor S. Reid 13
Chapter 3: Ruby Masers - Robert C. Clauss and James S. Shell 95
Chapter 4: Cryogenic Refrigeration Systems - Robert C. Clauss 159
Chapter 5: HEMT Low-Noise Amplifiers - J. Javier Bautista 195
Chapter 6: Atmosphere Attenuation and Noise Temperature at Microwave Frequencies - Shervin Shambayati 255
Chapter 7: Antenna Calibration - David J. Rochblatt 283
Chapter 8: Microwave Antenna Holography - David J. Rochblatt 323
Acronyms and Abbreviations 361