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Deep Space Communications and Navigation Series
Jon Hamkins, Editor-in-Chief

The Deep Space Communications and Navigation Series, authored by scientists and engineers with many years of experience in their respective fields, lays a foundation for innovation by communicating state-of-the-art knowledge in key technologies. The series also captures fundamental principles and practices developed during decades of deep-space exploration at JPL. In addition, it celebrates successes and imparts lessons learned. Finally, the series will serve to guide a new generation of scientists and engineers.

*Hard copies of the DESCANSO books are now published by John Wiley & Sons.
*This series has been translated into Chinese by Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.

Volume 1
  Radiometric Tracking Techniques for Deep-Space Navigation
    Catherine L. Thornton  (About the Author)
James S. Border  (About the Author)
    Full Version (pdf - 2.5 MB)
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Volume 2
  Formulation for Observed and Computed Values of Deep Space Network Data Types for Navigation
    Theodore D. Moyer  (About the Author)
    Full Version (pdf - 3.0 MB)
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Volume 3
  Bandwidth-Efficient Digital Modulation with Application to Deep-Space Communications
    Marvin K. Simon  (About the Author)
    Full Version (pdf - 2.3 MB)
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Volume 4
  Large Antennas of the Deep Space Network
    William A. Imbriale (About the Author)
    Full Version (pdf - 23.9 MB)
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Volume 5
  Antenna Arraying Techniques in the Deep Space Network
    David H. Rogstad (About the Author)
Alexander Mileant (About the Author)
Timothy T. Pham (About the Author)
    Full Version (pdf - 1.56 MB)
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Volume 6
  Radio Occultations Using Earth Satellites: A Wave Theory Treatment
    William G. Melbourne
    Full Version (pdf - 7.87 MB)
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Volume 7
  Deep Space Optical Communications
    Hamid Hemmati, Editor (About the Editor)
    Full Version (pdf - 22 MB)
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Volume 8
  Spaceborne Antennas for Planetary Exploration
    William A. Imbriale, Editor (About the Editor)
    Full Version (pdf - 24 MB)
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Volume 9
  Autonomous Software-Defined Radio Receivers for Deep Space Applications
    Jon Hamkins, Editor (About the Editor)
Marvin K. Simon, Editor (About the Editor)
    Full Version (pdf - 3.5 MB)
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Volume 10
  Low-Noise Systems in the Deep Space Network
    Macgregor S. Reid, Editor (About the Editor)
    Full Version (pdf - 14.7 MB)
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Volume 11
  Coupled-Oscillator Based Active-Array Antennas
    Ronald J. Pogorzelski (About the Author)
Apostolos Georgiadis (About the Author)
    Full Version (pdf - 6.96 MB)
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Volume 12
  Low-Energy Lunar Trajectory Design
    Jeffrey S. Parker (About the Author)
Rodney L. Anderson(About the Author)
    Full Version (pdf - 7.7 MB)
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Volume 13
  Deep Space Communications
    Jim Taylor, Editor (About the Editor)
    Full Version (pdf - 20.45 MB)
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