JPL DESCANSO - Deep Space Communications and Navigation Center of Excellence

DESCANSO Center Functions
PROVIDE technical leadership in the planning and implementing of an integrated vision for the future of deep space communications and navigation
  • Develop a coordinated vision with program offices, from a NASA perspective
  • Create and maintain technology roadmaps consistent with developed vision and end-to-end trade analyses
IDENTIFY, promote, and advocate innovative concepts, systems, and technology
  • Increase focus on innovation and breakthroughs
  • Advocate/broker potentially high pay-off developments for accelerated infusion into missions
  • Lead/Co-lead study/working groups on key technical issues
  • Stimulate leading-edge applied research critical to future mission scenarios
  • Identify and facilitate R&D partnerships and information exchange within JPL, NASA, industry, academia and other external organizations
FOSTER improved engineering capabilities and resources
  • Support the acquiring and maintaining of world-class personnel and their skills
  • Enhance the technical infrastructure: processes, tools, labs, ....