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Dongae Seo

Dongae Seo received a B.S degree in physics from Chung-Nam National University, Deajun, Korea, in 1991 and a master's in space studies from the International Space University, Strasbourg, France, in 2002.

In 1992, she joined Korea Telecom as an engineer and worked on operations with fixed telephone lines including fiber cable. She transferred to the Satellite Business Center in 1994 and worked on interference analysis and technical coordination between satellite networks, designing communication satellite networks (including meteorological satellites) and the management of satellite and ground control systems (Koreasat). In 2002, for the master's degree requirement, she completed an internship at the Communications Systems and Research Section's Flight Communications Systems Group in the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The internship, during which she co-authored the Descanso article Galileo Telecommunications, was mainly about the Galileo mission and Galileo telecommunication link analysis. She also studied the propagation effects of a cometary environment on deep space communication, with application to the Deep Space 1 mission.

Co-Author of Chapter 4 from Volume 13 of the Deep-Space Communications and Navigation Series:

Galileo Telecommunications

Co-Author of the following article of the DESCANSO Design & Performance Summary Series - Telecommunications: