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JPL Space Science & Technology Series
Joseph H. Yuen, Editor-in-Chief

Synthetic Aperture Radar Polarimetry
Hard copies are published by John Wiley & Sons
  Jakob Van Zyl (About the Author)
Yunjin Kim (About the Author)
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Front Matter
Chapter 1: Synthetic Aperture Radars (SAR) Imaging Basics 1
Chapter 2: Basic Principles of SAR Polarimetry 27
Chapter 3: Advanced Polarimetric Concepts 85
Chapter 4: Polarimetric SAR Calibration 159
Chapter 5: Applications: Measurement of Surface Soil Moisture 201
Appendix A: Tilted Small Perturbation Model Details 293
Appendix B: Bistatic Scattering Matrix of a Cylinder with Arbitrary Orientation 299
Appendix C: Nomenclature 309