Following the previous successful international symposia in England, Taiwan, and the United States, the 5th International symposium will be hosted by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California. As in the past, the symposium will focus on ground Telemetry, Tracking & Command (TT&C) systems used to support spacecraft, on the operational aspects of the support and on methodologies such as automation, re-use, and inter-operability that reduce the cost of the systems and operations.

Papers were (are) presented in the following technical areas:
  • TT&C Systems
  • Autonomous Operations
  • Interoperability
  • Mission Operations
  • Data Processing & Archiving
  • Small satellite support
  • Mission Planning
  • Mission Control Centers
  • General cost-reduction processes

This year, the workshop is being sponsored by DESCANSO - the Deep Space Communications and Navigation Systems Center of Excellence at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. DESCANSO promotes continued innovative work in many areas for planetary explorations, including TT&C ground systems and operational concepts and methodologies.

The symposium opening address will be given by the General Chairman, Dr. William Weber, JPL Director for the Interplanetary Network Directorate. The keynote speaker for the Symposium Banquet is Mr. Peter Theisinger, the project manager for the Mars Exploration Rover (MER) Project. MER is a two-spacecraft project that will land rover on Mars in December 2003 and January 2004. The symposium also features a visit to JPL as well as an evening at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, Los Angeles' premiere venue for magical entertainment.

Thank you all for your participation!

July 9, 2003
Introductory Plenary Session
Introduction - Joseph Statman, JPL
Z-2 DESCANSO- Joseph Yuen, JPL
Z-3 History of RCSGSO- Richard Holdaway, CCLRC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
Z-4 Keynote Address - William Weber, JPL
Z-5 ESA's Approach Towards Cost Efficient Operations
Frank Werner, ESA
Z-6 NASA's Earth Science Enterprise Program: Past, Present, and Future
Thomas Magner, NASA
Z-7 Invited Talk on the future of space operations from NASDA
Kaneaki Narita, NASDA
Z-8 Panel Discussion on the Future of Space Operations
Yamamoto, Werner, & Narita
Cost Saving Processes - Project Life Cycle Interoperability
C1-1 Longevity Planning, A Cost Reduction Strategy for Ground Systems on Long Duration Space Missions
Steve Gemeny, JHU Applied Physics Lab
Michael Gemeny
I-1 Reference Architecture for Space Data Systems
Peter Shames, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Takahiro Yamada
103-A0073 (CL#03-1464)
C1-2 Ground System Planning for Long Duration Space Missions Helped by Lessons Learned Resurrecting Obsolete Computing Systems
Steve Gemeny, JHU Applied Physics Lab
I-2 NASA/Lockheed Martin Ground Network and Space Network Interoperability Testbed
Lindolfo Martinez, Lockheed Martin Space Operations
Larry Muzny
C1-4 Reducing the Cost of Ground System Development and Mission Operations Using Automated XML Technologies
Colette Wilklow, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Jesse Wright, Dave Noble, Kathy Sturdevant, Joe Snyder
103-A0050 (CL#03-1635)
I-3 A Commercial Implementation of Space Link Extension
Brian Safigan, Avtec Systems, Inc.
C1-5 Requirements With Teeth: How To Bite Without Being Bitten (An Extended Example)
Kirt Dankmyer, Lockheed Martin Space Operations
I-4 Reuse of the JPL CFDP software in the APL Common Ground System
William C. Stratton, JHU Applied Physics Lab
Constantine M. Frangos, Joseph J. Harrison, Douglas B. Holland
    I-5 A Bootstrapping Approach Toward Sharing Of Information On Space Systems
Takahiro Yamada, Institute of Space and Astronautical Science
Cost Saving Processes - Software Reuse Misson Operations
C2-1 Reducing the Cost of Ground Systems & Operations through Software Re-Use
Chris Gilbert, EADS Space Transportation
Wim van Leeuwen
M1-3 Micro-Helm - A Mission Operation Visualization System
Wenwen Lu, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Meemong Lee, Richard.J.Weidner
103-A0096 (CL#03-1734)
C2-2 Complete Ground Software Re-Use: The Common Ground Approach to a Re-Usable, Shared Ground System
Priscilla McKerracher, JHU Applied Physics Lab
Michael Furrow, Leeha Herrera, David Tillman
M1-4 Increasing the Operational Value of System Event Messages
Zhenping Li, Lockheed Martin Space Operations
Dan Smith, Cetin Savkli
C2-3 Cost Savings through Multimission Code Reuse for Mars Image Products
Robert Deen, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
103-A0075 (CL#03-1653)
C2-4 Use of the Ground Support Equipment Operating System (GSEOS) Software on the MESSENGER Mission: A Case Study
Thomas F. Hauck, JHU Applied Physics Lab
Jeremiah V. Finnigan
July 10, 2003
Misson Operations II Cost Saving Processes II -
Multimission and Component Systems
M2-1 Reducing Mission Costs Through Effective Lifecycle Management of Operations Knowledge
David Quigley, Rhea System SA
Andrew Monham
C3-1 Reduce Costs With Multimission Sequencing And A Multimission Operations System
David Bliss, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Luis C. Morales
103-A0023 (CL#03-1566)
M2-2 Standardised Mission Operations Methodologies
David Andrews, ESA European Space Operations Center
Erik Soerensen

C3-2 SPICE: A Real Example of Data System Re-Use to Reduce the Costs of Ground Data Systems Development and Mission Operations
Charles Acton Jr., Jet Propulsion Laboratory
N. Bachman, L. Elson, B. Semenov, E. Wright
103-A0068 (CL#03-1384)
M2-3 Performance, Cost & Reliability Benefits for Telemetry Processing Applications
Chandru Mirchandani, NASA/GSFC Lockheed-Martin
C3-3 Component Architecture - The Software Architecture for Mission Requirements
Thomas Huang, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
103-A0074 (CL#03-1655)
M2-4 Cost Reduction in Development of ADEOS-II Mission Operation System
Satoko Miura, NASDA
Toshiaki Takeshima, Hirohiko Dosho, Atsushi Yamada,Takashi Nakazawa, Yoshio Ishido
Misson Operations III Data Processing & Archiving
M3-2 CANDOS IP Mission Support Demonstrations
David Israel, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
D-2 Development of ROCSAT-2 Image Processing System
Frank Wu, National Space Program Office
Ann-Ming Wu, Ching-Jyh Shieh
M3-4 A Combined Spacecraft Checkout and Control System for Small and large Missions
Roger Patrick, Terma
Andrew Armitage
D-3 A Distributed Data Architecture for Mars Odyssey Data Distribution
Daniel Crichton, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Steven Hughes, Sean Kelly, Joel Wilf
103-A0035 (CL#03-1501)
M3-5 Multi-Mission Ground Data Systems - Breakthroughs and Challenges
Michael Tankenson, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Jennifer Cruz
103-A0034 (CL#03-1527)
D-4 An Operational Multi-Sensor Geocoded Production System for Earth Resources Satellite Images
Jiann-Yeou Rau, National Central University, Taiwan
Li-Yu Chang, Tee-Ann Teo, Kevin Hsu, Anne Chen,L. C. Chen, A. J. Chen, and K. S. Chen
Mission Planning Telemetry, Tracking & Control Systems
P-1 Planning how to cut the cost of Mission Planning
Marc Niezette, Anite Systems GmbH
Ian Shaw
T-1 Tone-Based Commanding of Deep Space Probes using Small Aperture Ground Antennas
Robert S. Bokulic, JHU Applied Physics Lab
J. Robert Jensen
P-2 Cost Reductions From Multi-Mission Sequencing Software
Laura Needels, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
103-A0057 (CL#03-1442)
T-2 Performance Analysis and Comparison of Clustered and Linearly Dispersed Optical Deep Space Networks
Farid Amoozegar, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Keith Wilson, Robert Cesarone, Stephen A. Townes, Leslie Paal, Sabino Piazzolla, Tom Roberts, Richard Emerson, Christopher Yung
103-A0078 (CL#03-1726)
P-3 Create Your Own Science Planning Tool in 3 Days with SOA
Carol Polanskey, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Barbara Streiffert, Taifun O'Reilly
103-A0063 (CL#03-0587)
T-3 Low Cost Microwave Ground Terminals for Space Communications
Sander Weinreb, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
103-A0015 (CL#03-1587)
P-4 Development Roadmap of an Evolvable and Extensible Multi-mission Telecom Planning and Analysis Framework
Kar-Ming Cheung, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Ramona Tung, Charles Lee
103-A0086 (CL#03-1405)
T-4 Transponder REConfiguration System (TRECS)
Dilene Cruickshank, Integral Systems Inc.
P-5 The TIMED Telemetry Definition System
William Knopf, JHU Applied Physics Lab
T-5 Ground Station Virtualization
James Cutler, Stanford University
Mission Control Centers Autonomous Operations I
K-1 Automation Lessons Learned at NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center
Evan Eller, Honeywell Technology Solutions, Inc
Robert Bote
A1-3 Automating Planetary Mission Operations
Eric M. De Jong, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Barbara A. McGuffie, Steven R. Levoe, Paul M. Andres
103-A0079 (CL#03-1428)
K-3 Cost Reduction Through the use of Web Based Applications in the Mission Operations Center
Michael Packard, JHU Applied Physics Lab
Dennis Whichard, P.J. Clark
Small Satellite Support
S-1 CNES PROTEUS/MYRIADE : two low cost small satellite families. Presentation of the ground segment and the operations
Paul Gèlie, CNES
Philippe Crébassol
Poster Presentations
X-2 Enhancing DSN Operations Efficiency with the Discrepancy Reporting Management System
Tonja Cooper, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Mark Chatillon, James Lin
103-A0011 (CL#03-1382)
X-3 DSMS Auditbase
Gary Ramah, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
103-A0018 (CL#03-1735)
X-4 Cost Effective Ground Architecture: A Layered Approach To Automated Mission Operations
Roger Thompson, SciSys
Julian Long, Ivan Dankiewicz
X-5 International Standards for Spacecraft Ground Systems and Operations
James French, Technical & Marketing Consultants
X-7 Overview of the distributed system architecture for the SOFIA Data Archive System
John Milburn, UCLA -- SOFIA
Ralph Shuping, Mark Morris, Li Sun
X-8 Mission Database and Ground System Design for High Scalability and Longevity
Curtis Fatig, NASA/GSFC
Ryan Detter, Jonathan Gal-Edd, Michael Mooney
X-9 Science Planning Tool Box (SciBox)
Teck H. Choo, JHUAPL
Joseph P. Skura
X-10 An Extensible Java User Interface Framework for Controlling Distributed Systems
Glenn Eychaner, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
103-A0048 (CL#03-1697)
X-11 Reusable Software Services for Science Data Systems
Sean Hardman, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Dan Crichton, Tom Fouser, Dana Freeborn, Julie Wang
103-A0054 (CL#03-1435)
X-12 Multiple Views of Ground Data System (Based on Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter GDS)
Magdi Carlton, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
X-13 Managing Configuration of Ground Software Applications With Glueware
Barbara Larsen, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Randy Herrera, Tadas Sesplaukis, Leo Cheng, Marc Sarrel
103-A0070 (CL#03-1434)
X-15 Raising the Quality while Reducing the Costs: The Mission Operations Information Support Toolset
David Quigley, Rhea System SA
Andrew Monham
X-16 The Mercury Ground Station Network
James Cutler, Stanford University
X-18 Cost Saving Aspects of Spacecraft Ground Systems
Szabolcs Degyurky, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
July 11, 2003
Autonomous Operations II
A2-2 Next Generation Autonomous Operations on a Current Generation Satellite
Robert Sherwood, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Steve Chien, Rebecca Castano, Gregg Rabideau
103-A0019 (CL#03-1398)
A2-3 Autonomous Navigation and Autonomous Orbit Control in Planetary Orbits as a Means of Reducing Operations Cost
James Wertz, Microcosm
A2-4 Reducing Cost with Autonomous Operations of the Deep Space Network Radio Science Receiver
Sami Asmar, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Aseel Anabtawi, Andre Jongeling, Mick Connally
103-A0030 (CL#03-1595)
Autonomous Operations III
A3-1 Monitoring and Diagnostic Expert System for Sample-Return Probe MUSES-C
Masashi Hashimoto, Institute of Space and Astronautical Science
Hideyuki Honda, Mitsue Mizutani, and Naomi Nishigori
A3-2 Autonomous Operations through Procedure Automation
Roger Patrick, Terma
Kevin Davies, Francesco Croce
A3-3 JPL 26M Automation
Christopher W. Stevens, Honeywell Technology Solutions Inc.
Norman L. Baker
A3-4 Automation of Operations and Ground Systems at U.C. Berkeley
Manfred Bester, Space Sciences Laboratory
Mark Lewis, Tim Quinn, Joseph Rauch-Leiba
A3-5 Autonomous Operations of NASDA Space Network Experiment System
Hiroko Nakata, NASDA