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CL 01-1804

DSN 50th Anniversary Celebration Symposium

DSN 50th Anniversary - Feb 20th, 2104
DSN 50th Anniversary Symposium Program pptx | pdf
The First 50 Years: A Historical Perspective
Doug Mudgway, Pat Beyer, Michael Rodrigues, and Jim Hodder
pptx | pdf
Introduction to the DSN and its Operations
Al Bhanji, Wayne Sible and Jeff Berner
pptx | pdf
The Madrid Deep Space Communications Complex
Pablo Perez
pptx | pdf
The View from Down Under
Ed Kruzins
pptx | pdf
The Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex
Michael Clements
pptx | pdf
The DSN: The Most Important Science Tool of the last 50 Years?
Joseph Lazio, Les Deutsch
pptx | pdf
How DSN Technology Changed the World
Laif Swanson
ppt | pdf
DSN's Future: Panel Interactive Discussions with the Audience
Bill Weber (moderator), Phil Liebrecht, Les Deutsch, Joseph Lazio, Steve Townes, and Chad Edwards
ppt | pdf

Full Version Full Package (pdf - 179 Mb)

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